OptiFine 1.16.3

File is compatible with 
your operational system.
Extension of the original file download by installer!

How to install OptiFine

  1. Launch the installation. Wait until installer finishes installing OptiFine.
    • Specify Minecraft directory if needed, click Install.
  2. Head to FreeLauncher.
    • You can use profile named OptiFine to run the game with OptiFine. If you don't want to use your own profile, then you can finish your installation here.
  3. Select your prefered profile and click Edit profile.
  4. Enable third-party versions. Select release {game's version}-OptiFine_{mod's version}.
  5. Now you should be able to launch a game with OptiFine.
Estimated download time:
Broadband 0.01s
DSL 0.18s
Mobile 0.03s